Satellite Beach Dog Park has special breed nights .. so hopefully tonight we’re going to go check out their Dachshund night! We’ve never been to Satellite Beach Dog Park .. but hopefully the weather is good, and theres a good turn out :) I’ll be sure to have mom take pictures if we end up going!

For more info:

1st Monday of each month-German Shepard Night
1st Tuesday of each month-Sheltie Night
1st Wednesday of each month- Pug Night
2nd Monday of each month-Dachshund Night
2nd Tuesday of each month-Mutt Night
2nd Wednesday of each month-Terrier Night
3rd Monday of each month-Boxer Night
3rd Wednesday of each month-Lab Night
4th Monday of each month-Golden Retriever Night
4th Wednesday of each month-Greyhound Night

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  1. Do Whippets show up for Terrier Night or Greyhound Night? :)

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