.. I’m not looking forward to the dog parks being un-manned. Mom told me that by the end of september, any dog, and any owner could show up at the park to play, or cause trouble. It didnt really bother me much when I thought about it before .. but last Sunday my brothers and I were hanging out with some sweet big dogs on the big dog side of the park when a boxer and a pit bull showed up. Of course Frank being the greeter that he is .. ran through the fence (Mom was even blocking the opening, he’s just that good) and was saying hi to the new guys .. when all of a sudden a big gigantic paw landed on him. I’m sure the other dog didnt mean to hurt him or anything, but it scared Frank half to death .. he was crying so much you would’ve thought his leg was broken! Mom quickly ushered us over to the small dog side .. Frank stopped crying right away and ran with me along the fence with our new friends on the other side. It was scary, for a second .. but what would’ve happened if those dogs were super aggressive and the attendant hadnt held them off long enough for us to get back to the small dog side .. I shudder to think! Mom said she’ll be watching much more carefully when new dogs come to play.

Looking forward to our play date with Biscuit tomorrow!!

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