Mom surprised us with a trip to the dog park yesterday .. I guess we were kinda driving her nuts chasing each other in the living room. So we headed out to Palm Bay Regional Park to burn off some steam. At first it was just the 3 of us. It was Rocky’s first trip so we showed him around the place, lots of things to smell. Then this little shaggy puppy showed up, it was his first visit too, so he went over to the big dog yard to get used to hanging out ‘off leash’ :) Soon we were running along the fence with him and our moms decided to see how we played together. As soon as Jack came over we were quick friends, chasing each other and jumping in and out of the pool. After an hour or so mom took us all home to relax and cool off. But by late afternoon we were back to chasing each other around the living room.

Mom told our friend Biscuit’s mom about the dog park, and how much fun it is there, and so she set up a play date with Biscuit for this morning. We couldn’t wait .. we were so excited this morning we wouldnt let mom get out of our sight because we didnt want her to leave without us. Finally we got out the door and made the long trip to the park. Soon after we got there, our new friend Jack showed up again, and we explored the park in our pack. After a little while Biscuit showed up and we introduced her to the park, and our friend Jack. What a great morning! But now I can’t wait to take a nap. Mom had her camera with her today .. so here are a few pictures!

Biscuit and the boys in the pool

Biscuit joins us at the park and in the pool

I love to lounge in the water .. here I am trying to spread out and get comfortable, without floating away!

Trying to lay down in the pool

I love lounging in the pool

Here’s a picture of our new friend Jack

My new friend Jack

You can see more pictures in my Flickr Set here

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