There’s this wonderful organization called BARC, the Brevard Animal Recreation Club, that works very hard to get pets like us fun places to play. I love to visit the Palm Bay Dog Park as often as mom will take me. One of my favorite parts of the park is jumping in their little pool. I love to splash around. Mom brought me to the Sebastian Inlet Dog Area when I was little, and we were very disapointed to find dead birds and fish on the shore, and we had to stay on our leashes. (Mom wouldn’t have let us off our leash anyways because my brother Frank just wanted some Eau De Dead Bird on his neck)

Anyway, back to the beach. BARC is starting a petition to get a dog beach in Brevard County. PLEASE head over to their site and request to sign the petition, or if you know my mom email her directly as she already has a petition and is collecting signatures. Together we can get ourselves a little spot in the surf!

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